Debt, The First 5000 Years

Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard.

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I was messing around with swapping the Caps Lock key and the Escape key, and this in combination with using the Colemak keyboard layout ended up causing some confusion.

Anyway it turns out to reset any options you may have set with setxkbmap it's not as simple as just running …

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2015-04018 quote

I tried to dance but lost my nerve

I cramped up in the learning curve

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Launched a simple project I did for college as a website.

Irish Tide Times

Get the tide times for Ireland by text.

It's done with Django.

Might later expand it offer a JSON API.

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fiji water

They now have my favourite water in the shop near college.

Fiji water

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cool new flask

qutebrowser and newsbeuter

I have been playing around with a promising new browser called Qutebrowser since the demise of dwb

I had a problem with newsbeuter with opening links using qutebrowser (it was holding up newsbeuter). The workaround was the following script:

# wrapper for newsbeuter

exec ~/src …
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qutebrowser lightning talk

Wacom tablet scrolling in linux

I got a Wacom Intuos tablet and was having trouble using it for general scrolling - eg. using a web browser. Couldn't figure out how to map the lower button to scrolling, the way it is with the middle mouse button on my thinkpad.

The solution, for anyone who has the …

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