Got a Chromecast as a Christmas present and finding it really handy.

Especially so after the discovery of castnow which lets you stream anything to the chromecast from the command line.

What really won me over was the option --subtitles

How cool is that?

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2014-12-18 quote

Entombed in the shrine of zeros and ones

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git aliases for .bashrc or .vimrc

Cool little trick I just thought of. Shorten 99% of your git commands by putting this is in .zshrc or .bashrc

# git
alias checkout="git checkout"
alias push="git push"
alias pull="git pull"
alias commit="git commit"
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2014-10-12 quote

So, what about Minecraft's future? From Microsoft's announcement:

Minecraft fans are loyal, with nearly 90 percent of paid customers on the PC having signed in within the past 12 months.

That sentence.

That sentence, Microsoft.

That sentence tells me all I need to know. If you've paid any attention to …

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updated podcast list


Seems to have gotten smaller. Some have finished, some have gone downhill in terms of quality, and some I don't have time for anymore.

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There is a quote from you in this context that concerns me. In 2009 you said: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” The only sentence that is even more worrying comes from Mark …
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something I never thought I'd have to google

Fabien Sanglard's code review of Git

I really like Fabien Sanglard's code reviews, even tho I don't normally get very far before it gets beyond my comprehension.

But I'm extra excited to read his new one, because it's on Git.

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asking someone to move from Windows to Linux is not the same as driving car A and then switching over to car B. It’s more like learning to drive a moped, and then be asked to drive a Sherman tank, in reverse, blindfolded while wearing high-heels two sizes two …
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new fishing stuff


Green Shakespeare Beta Box Shakespeare Beta Box

Assorted bits and bobs, and mackerel feathers! Fishing tackle

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