It wasn't so long ago that we were spoon-fed the unimpeachable "fact" that we should eat no more than two eggs a week because they contained heart-stopping cholesterol, but that gem of nutritional wisdom had to be quietly erased from history when research showing that cholesterol in eggs had almost no effect on blood cholesterol became too glaringly obvious to ignore.


And there’s more on Notch’s blog:

And I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition.

Python script for creating new Jekyll post

With Jekyll, there’s a small overhead when writing a new post.

I wrote a simple Python script to handle generating the markdown file with the date and title in correct format on the filename, and the correct headers at the top of the file.

The script is in the root of the Jekyll directory for this site, so it automatically gets added when the site is built.

python the-new-post creates a new post in _posts with this content:

layout: post
title: the-new-post

The title then needs to be corrected to be more human-readable.

You can also specify the layout by appending it to the command like this: python the-new-post quote

“One night I was driving home and didn’t want to go in the house because I didn’t want to stop listening to [Smash]. I started circling the block listening to the record over and over on ten in my old Volvo station wagon. My wife greeted me at the door, and I said, ’Honey, we’re gonna be rich.’”

software in use

operating system: Ubuntu 13.10

window manager: i3

notifications: Dunst

browser: dwb

terminal: lxterm

text editor: vim, gvim

email: mutt

organiser/calendar: emacs org-mode

pdf viewer: zathura

instant messenger: profanity

irc: weechat

music: cmus, mpd via pms

torrents: deluge-console

NSA's definition of collection

Indeed, ever since Snowden provided reporters with a trove of top secret documents, we’ve been subjected to all sorts of NSA word games. And the word “collect” has a very special definition, according to the Department of Defense (DoD). A 1982 procedures manual says: “information shall be considered as ‘collected’ only when it has been received for use by an employee of a DoD intelligence component in the course of his official duties.” And “data acquired by electronic means is ‘collected’ only when it has been processed into intelligible form.”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper likened the NSA’s accumulation of data to a library. All those books are stored on the shelves, but very few are actually read. “So the task for us in the interest of preserving security and preserving civil liberties and privacy,” says Clapper, “is to be as precise as we possibly can be when we go in that library and look for the books that we need to open up and actually read.” Only when an individual book is read does it count as “collection,” in government parlance.

So, think of that friend of yours who has thousands of books in his house. According to the NSA, he’s not actually “collecting” books. He’s doing something else with them, and the only books he can claim to have “collected” are the ones he’s actually read.

Bruce Schneier, Surveillance by Algorithm


  • Some interesting-looking stuff made public by Derek Sivers
  • These non-plastic lunchboxes look so cool!
  • In our May Premature Evaluation of Deafheaven’s Sunbather, I compared the album to Agalloch’s 2010 LP, Marrow Of The Spirit. In my opinion, Marrow is the best metal album of the millennium (so far), the apotheosis of what had also been, I believed, the best metal year of the millennium (so far) — perhaps a supernova moment for modern metal, in fact. … “Sunbather is not a better album than Marrow Of The Spirit,” I wrote, “but it is the most successfully ambitious album to emerge from the wreckage left behind by Marrow.” - Stereogum’s Top 50 Metal Albums of 2013


  • ESR ready to ship Shipper, automating everything
  • Long, enlightening article about how games have been marketed through the years, and towards which demographics. “Given enough money, I could make guys buy tampons,” says Roeser. “I mean, I could figure out something to do with them. It all comes down to how somebody like me, and there’s frighteningly thousands of me across the country and the world, creates a campaign that specifically targets an audience.” Roeser believes that if the makers of Call of Duty came to him and said they wanted to pursue the female market, it could be done. It would just be a matter of making the message appealing to women and reaching them through the right channels.
  • Bruce Schneier, The Problem With EULAs. I guess this also applies to closed-source software


  • ArkOS, distro that runs on Raspberry Pi and provides web services to replace all of Google’s
  • Ghost, blogging platform. Apparently it’s like Wordpress but more stripped down. Not so easy to install at the moment unfortunately. Looks nice, tho.


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